TummyTime!™ Method
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What if baby fusses/cries during tummy time?

 If your baby does not seem to like tummy time, don't stop offering this position.  This is a good time to figure out WHY your baby is uncomfortable lying on his or her tummy. 

Some babies, especially babies who have a strong head preference to one side, have head molding/flattening and babies with tethered oral tissues, such as  tongue/lip/buccal ties, often experience more difficulty when in the tummy time position.  There are many reasons for this, but to summarize briefly, the soft tissue structures require mobilization in tummy time, and this requires flexibility and optimization of tongue/throat and shoulder girdle musculature, areas which often are tight and restricted for these babies.

Babies, especially in the first twelve weeks of life (the fourth trimester), often need help with regulating/calming themselves.  Babies are experiencing lots of sensory input from their body, the environment and from caregiving experiences, and this includes tummy time.  This TummyTime! approach ensures that baby feels safe and ready to play in tummy time!

TTM classes and private sessions are loaded with information to help you understand baby's needs and behaviors, especially when they do not seem to enjoy the experience.