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Tongue / Lip / Bucal Tie

Ties have become well known in some areas and are still quite unknown in others.  When the tongue, lip and /or buccal frenulum is too tight, it causes restrictions in movement that negatively impact feeding, breathing, posture and more.  

Some common symptoms that may point to the infant being tongue/ lip tied include:

  • poor latch/inability to latch
  • sliding off the nipple
  • fatigue during feeds
  • sleepy feeds
  • poor weight gain
  • clicking during a feed
  • maternal nipple pain/damage (can feel like the infant is compressing, chewing, gumming, pinching, scraping the nipple, etc)
  • increased maternal nipple/breast infections, compromised maternal milk supply
  • gastrointestinal issues (gasiness, reflux, pooping issues (too much or too little)
  • aerophasia (air swallowing which can cause alot of gas and spitting up)
  • various other feeding related challenges

I work closely with lactation consultants (IBCLC) and pediatric dentists in order to provide a comprehensive approach to maximizing your breastfeeding relationship.

What do I do with a baby who has tongue/lip/buccal tie?:

  • Assessment, Identification and recommenation for optimal timing of release of tethered oral tissues
  • Prefrenectomy Whole Body Therapy - using gentle, soft tissue manual therapy techniques to optimize your baby's tongue function and to identify areas that can be utilized for effectively during breastfeeding
  • TummyTime!™ Method instruction and practice   - babies with ties often have difficulty with the tummy time position, however, this position is very helpful for optimizing breastfeeding and tongue/throat mobility. 
  • Postfrenectomy Whole Body Therapy to reduce compensations and optimize novel movement patterns, this is an essential part of the process, as release does not change the neural patterns for feeding, posture and movement

I work closely with lactation consultants, ENT and pediatric dentists to provide comprehensive care.

It is HIGHLY beneficial for you baby to receive prefrenectomy therapy if you suspect a tongue, lip or buccal restriction

Please contact me at 513 404 7786 if you have ANY questions about this.  Phone consult is complimentary.