TummyTime!™ Method
Michelle Emanuel OTR/L IBCLC CIMI CST NBCR RYT 200

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Professional Trainings offered by Michelle

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2 day class

Assessment and Treatment of Plagiocephaly and Neck/Postural asymmetries

Plagiocephaly or head molding is commonly seen in babies today, secondary to lack of or decreased time spent in tummy time position and increased time spent lying on back sleeping or in positioners. 

Plagiocephaly means "oblique head".  Michelle provides  a 2 day professional training for experienced therapists.  The training emphasizes evaluation and treatment of Plagiocephaly and Head Preferences/Postural Asymmetries, using a soft tissue manual therapy perspective. 

2 day class

 TummyTime!™ Professional Training

This training provides birth professionals (midwives, doulas), infant bodyworkers (craniosacral, chiropractic, massage, etc, lactation support and pediatric occuational/physical/speech therapists with comprehensive knowledge of the tummy time experience as well as a deep immersion into the Polyvagal Theory.  Tummy time is important for optimal growth and development, as well as crucial for addressing such things as plagiocephaly (head flattening), head and neck turning preferences, and babies having difficulty with tummy time experience.  Participants are certified in this method at the end of the class and can offer group classes and/or individual sessions.  A specific emphasis is on teaching professionals ways to help baby find comfort and ease in the tummy time position   

2 day class

Polyvagal Theory and Clinical Application for Babies in the fourth trimester

In 1992, Stephen Porges presented a model of how the autonomic nervous system regulates our internal and external environment.  He proposed the polyvagal theory to explain how mammals have a social engagement function which promotes safety and ability to feel calm and engage in daily life activities.  For babies, the autonomic nervous system is a vulnerable and immature system.  This can impact baby's ability to calm, bond/attach, be comfortable in different positions and can also cause gastrointestinal disturbances.   This two day class covers the highly complex and comprehensive theory in simple words and diagrams and provides direct clinical applications to babies in ways that not only make sense, but advance your skills as a practitioner.  ANS function is hidden factor in helping babies and parents connect and grow together in healthy and satisfying ways.    Michelle has been studying and using the polyvagal theory since 2000.